Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Custom High Performance Longboard 2 +1 for Stuart

Stuart, I posted a pic of your old board for reference, notice the difference in the outline. Also the foil and rockers are much different.


  1. oak, between the shapes what are the difference in performance?


  2. Thanks Stuart! Sorry about the hassle! Hope you are enjoying the new stick.

    Bill, The first 2 pics are of the same shape. They look diff due the lens, bottom pics appears to have a fuller outline due to the distortion of lens. Stuarts old board is the last board with the fuller nose outline.

    Stuarts old shape is a modern nose rider with volume forward hence the name of the shape "The Pendulem" for swing set and noseriding with mixing in comtemporary style.

    The new board (first 2 pics) is designed for good size and shape waves with the less emphasis on noseriding. High performance modern longboard.