Thursday, January 8, 2015

Custom Fins

Grom Size Twin Fin w/ Trailer

Grom sized Twin fins with matching small trailer center fin. This is another custom formulated sized fins in sizes not readily available. Design that custom twin fin for your grom and get your grom flying on a set of these fins.
Futures $145 Hand Foiled / Made in California

Twin Fin w/ Trailer in Larger Size

Twin Fins with Trailer Fin now available in a larger size not readily available with a modern template. This template will open up a whole new dimensions for the larger rider looking for more drive and speed with out sacrificing responsiveness.
Futures $145 Hand Foiled / Made in California

Mini Maxx / Maxximms / Mini Simmons (Mini/Maxx 2 sizes) 

Mini Maxx hatchet quad custom fins are now available for Futures system. 1/2" and 3/4" bases for those that prefer to run single foiled in the rear.
Futures $180 Hand Foiled / Made in California

Twinner / Mini Pynzer / Pynzer / Mini Nub Fin
Base 2.75" x Depth 2.09". Solid fiberglass, hand foiled. Approx 1/4" longer than the Futures TMF-2 adds better hold through the apex and steeper conditions with out loosing speed and release of the Twin / Twinzer fin configuration. Now slightly larger size is ideal for the Pynzer's with Longbox!
Longbox $35 
Futures $30
Hand Foiled / Made in California

Axis Noserider Pivot Fins / Sizes 8.5"-9.5"-10.5"

  Custom made "Axis" Pivot Noserider fins have finally arrived! The 7.5 oz silane laminations and foils are top notch. These fins actually fit the boxes with out any drama. For those looking for a top notch noserider fin in sizes not readily available. The curves are inspired by the traditional noseriders of 60's with modern proportions and foils for modern traditional shapes with lower volume foils and low volume rails in rare 8.5" 9.5" and 10.5" sizes. If your looking for  extra responsiveness from your modern traditional noseriders with out sacrificing any tip time these fins are the choice. 


*New* 8.5" Mini Axis fin is specifically formulated for the New Mini Axis design. Deeper rake with pivot point back for excellent hold and trim for the short rail line of the Mini Axis noserider.

Price $80 each

Hand foiled / Made in California

Mini Axis Noserider Shape Dims 7' x 23.5" x 3.12"
Full N-WP-T noserider dimension in a 7' length.
A noserider designed to fit inside a compact or bed of your pick up.
Mini Axis 8.5"fin


  1. You should make some twinzer fins that actually stay and also not crack the box

    1. generally if your having issues with cracking boxes its usually from the fin being impacted or your screws are over toruqed of ill fitting bases. the boxes just dont crack with a passive secure fit. I don't have any problems with fins cracking boxes. if you have problems with any of my boards with cracking boxes please email me pics.