Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Fav 70's Gun Shape / Lightning Bolt inspired for Mitch

This shape is a faithful recreation of my personal favorite gun shape from the 70's. It will be going to a good friend Mitch as a wall hanger and an addition to his collection. Hopefully, it may get wet. It will be a tribute shape to the early Lightning Bolts from the time period.

Due to the unique volume and deck curve the mini-lb blank from USBlank 84SP-X with the added 3/8" thickness was needed. I wanted to keep this shape as true to the time period of my original shape I rode in the 70's. The gun blanks that are available have too much deck crown and the thickness flow of the foil are too thin. Full rails, flat deck to down rails, full thick and crowned down railed beak nose, full down rails in the tail. Bottom contours from slight roll nose, to vee, flat center to tapered vee off tail.

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