Wednesday, August 15, 2012

*FOR SALE* Dyna-Pin Convertible 5 for Russ in Maui

Brand new Dyna-Pin for sale! It's rare I get orders for colored foam and I screwed up on this order, I had two orders come in for colored foam blanks both in the same color, at the same time. The other customer ordered colored, then wanted standard, then went back to the original. I screwed up and shaped this one in standard white, it should have been colored. Senior brain fade.

7' x 21.75" x 2.7" glassed thickness

$50 off! And the person buying this will get another $50 off their next board!


  1. Yo Wayne-O!
    Would this be a good board for a rookie? I'm looking for a fun shape style board that is VERY forgiving for a beginner. Whats the $$?

    Email or call me...

    1. Paul, if it's for you it will be ideal volume wise. I'll email you shortly...