Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Darren's custom strapless kiteboard "Why Fly"

Darren has been into strapless kiteboarding and this is his first custom kiteboard and my first to shape one also. For the most part the guys have been riding standard hpsb but with the standard glassing they aren't upto the rigors. I have made some design and glassing changes for the forces and the torque the shape has to endure.

Going strapless is relatively new sport, it's pretty impresssive. If you haven't seen strapless kiteboarding check out;


  1. that air brush is awesome!!
    I want that on my next board

  2. I just watch the vids. This is crazy! How do they do that? How many pounds of wax do you need on your board? Amazing.

  3. It's quite amazing stuff, it's one thing riding with straps but going strapless completely raises the difficulty factor ten fold.

  4. surfboards, kneeboards, paddleboards, kiteboards... how bout a wakeboard?

    1. Ive got some good ideas for wakes. just don't know any wakers. Know some wake and bakers tho...