Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Custom OG Bryd-Fish for Jeff

Jeff thanks for the update!

Hope you are well today! I’m so stoked from surfing the Brydfish lately I had to let you know about it.
I’ve found what I’ve been seeking for years. The 6’6 Brydfish is my personal surfing Holy Grail. This is the hands down RUNAWAY winner for the best south bay board ever.
I’ve NEVER had a board so user intuitive and versatile. Board is equally adept at check turns as well as wider sweeping turns. Stomping the tail stops the board dead then weighting forward immediately sends it flying forward again. Lately I’ve been making head dips and cover ups almost every time I surf it. I’ve had other boards that get me in the pocket but I have a hard time accelerating fast enough get out of there. Never an issue with this one. Seriously man, this board handles everything I’ve thrown at it. Mush to barrels.
I’ve come far enough. Don’t need to try anything else for normal surf. This is it.
This morning was clean with head high quick breaking sets. Had a few late sideways drops, bottom turn immediately at 5th gear around the section, stop the board DEAD, lean forward out of a quick barrel, bottom turn and blast the lip! Holy crap was that me? I don’t care how it looked… but I know how it felt. Amazing!
Don’t forget about this board. Your customers need to know about this one.
Jeff S


  1. Looks awesome. Let me know when it's ready to be picked up! jeff

  2. Jeff, I am scanning your shape at the moment, should be finished late tonight, you can pick up the board on Sat I'll be around 10am.