Friday, March 25, 2011

Kei's new 2011 HPSB model "Da One"

The new "Da One" is a new high performance shortie designed for good shaped head high to overhead reelers. Domed deck with tapered boxy rails with low pressure areas or "hinges" in the nose and tail areas. Full single concave to subtle vee behind trailing fin.


  1. OOOO that looks cool!

  2. This one's gonna rip! Beautiful Outline Wayne. I wish I were young enough and light enough (and good enough too!)I to surf that kind of board...
    Fantastic Job once again W.

  3. Hi Rachel! I think a version of this shape will work well for you too. :)

    Hi Alex, Maybe we can design a larger fuller version for you? :) Kei is about the same size as you, hes 23 yrs young, gets to surf upto 5 days a week and is in his prime. 6'3" x 19.2" x 2.5" thick. Nice to be young. lol.

  4. 23 years old surfs 5 days a week? I... Am so jealous right now. Well he's making the best of it. As he should. Go for it Kei!
    And yes, we should definitively talk about a board for me, but maybe not this one. I'm gonna be out of commission for most of spring, but I will need a new summer board for sure! :D

  5. nice shape Wayne. Looks sooo Sweet. I hope it's not a knock-off of GSI's Webber 'The One." LOL..... Once I get better, next year or the year after, I'll get Da One. I actually met Kei this morning at Porto. He's real chill. I hope all is well.

    If there are any fund raising events for your folks over at the other side of the west pond, let me know. I'll be happy to help.

  6. Rus, this is the pseudo "hawaiian" version. ;) Honestly, I don't know about the Webbers as most all of those boards are not "kosher".

    I went with the Red Cross for donations. I'm sure what ever you can do to help will be appreciated.