Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another victory for Rachel!

Photos Mike Balzer

More good news from team Tominaga from this last weekend South Bay Boardriders Contest. Rachel Tominaga rode the Grovelor II to win the Jr's Girls division. Rachel did double duty and competed in the Opens Womens division and was awarded 2nd place. Great results guys! Stoked! Go Rach!

Word from Karen, Rachel's mom is she's thinking about competing in the longboard division also. Hmm…. I wonder what type of longboard would be ideal?..

Read more from Easy Reader; South Bay Surfriders Contest at 26th St Manhatttan Beach sponsored by Pier Surf Hermosa Beach

Open, men: Matt, Pagan, Derek Brewer, Kent Nishiya, Jamie Meistrell, Richard Silva, Eddie Lester. Boys, (14, &, under): Noah Collins, Sam Dunbar, Dylan Hyman, Henry Shea, Cody Stamis, Dillon Ragone. Open, Longboard (all, ages): Dave Shaeffer, Gus McConnell, Steve Compas, Jiro Ikeda, Bren, Bland, Evan Wagonan. Junior Girls (18, &, Under): Rachel, Tominaga, Ailiden Shelden, Filipp, Farrera, Juliett Ulrich. Open, Womens: Natalie Anzivino, Rachel Tominaga, Laurie Armer, Filippa Ferrara, Sarah Foley, Diana Mausser. Groms (12 and under): Kyle Beatty, Ron Sannes, Ryan Ulrich, Cole Warner, Clay Norian, Pat Komick. Masters, (40 – 49): Ted Robinson, Chris Frohoff, Scott Johnson, Ty Cukr, Jeff Jones, Jeff Bellandi. Junior Boys, (18 and under): Kent Nishia, David Slay, Angel, Luhrsen, Conner Beatty, Tucker Oshia, Noah Collins. Micro-Groms, (9 and under): Kieren Walls, Sam Collins, Noah Steinmetz, Ethan Ward, Sebastian Kuhr, Luke Snyder. Legends (50-plus): Scott Daley, Mike Purpus, Derek Levy, Tom Horton, Kevin Cody, Chris, Moseley.

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