Thursday, October 15, 2009

Custom Modern 70's Round Pin for Stuart

Bottom incorporates modern contours with tri-fin configuration


  1. 11/6/09 Stuart,
    Sorry, I didn't get in from shaping till late evening. I got your phone message.

    Sounds like the board should go well this winter! Good shape to build confidence, and drive through some overhead barrels and late drops over the ledge.

    Send me some pics.


  2. I received this email from Stuart,

    11/11/09 Wayne- last 3 days at the jetty waves were overhead starting sat to head high yesterday. Not the best form, but still pretty good on the corners, but slightly inconsistant. Still the waves were hollow and really fun when you got the right ones. The board worked really well in the hollow waves. And there were alot of good comments on the glass job. Attached are 2 photos if you are interested. (Not of me- A friend took some photos and I'll send them when I get a hold of them.) The second photo is the firepit and the local crew. When its cold its nice to have the fire going. Stuart