Tuesday, February 7, 2017

New Custom Shape "New Phase" for new testpilot Wagner D. Tyler Hatzikian collab shape.

 Wagner getting some licks on his "New Phase".


  1. ...hello, without disrespect, what is your new tech?
    Also, do you say handshaping...scrapping the machine ridges in most shapes is not handshaping.
    Be a shaper is not to be a boardbuilder.
    The problem in this industry is most guys are selling the wrong image to the customers.

  2. no worries, I have no image to sell, those that know me will agree.

    I understand your inability to understand the tech, Ive been where your at, my shaping background goes back to the early 70's I hand shaped for decades. my approach has always had roots in the discipline of an engineering approach, even when hand shaping. all my shapes originates with my handshapes, I don't doodle shapes in aps or shape3d.

    once I reached a point where hand shaping was limited and where I wanted to go in terms of really understanding the numerics, hand shaping is very limited. In terms of accuracy and repeat ability and controlling baseline performance and having the ability to change parameters in absolute numerics and in amount not capable my hand shaping. I can do this in degrees not able by hand shaping.

    please don't lump me into how others are doing this cnc process. I have built my own machine and propietaty system. I don't use any of the over the counter shaping programs.

    if you want to expand your mind feel free to stop by my shop.

  3. ...props to build your own machine; however, shaping a blank in a machine is not more accurate; that s a fallacy; cognitive dissonance.
    you say that shape form the 70s, well I shape from the 80s and possibly I handshaped (and complete built) more board than many from that time that relies in a past to confirm their inability as craftsmen and no doubt the great desire to be a businessmen. I tell you that works like a charm in specialized niches like the market in Japan and in couple of Euro places.
    I am not blind and still do not see your "new" tech.
    The only thing new in the market, but it not so incredible (or not better proportionally) are the synthetic fibers; all other is old; very old. Yes, the wheel is old very old too. A flawless design.
    The new stuff in surfboards design will be the day that we have some really new materials or new ways (like varial foam) new techniques to do the old stuff; or new visions; like if the wheel is at the top of a design; well, may be the new design is to not have a wheel at all!.
    -In this fake industry I respect long time shapers/boarbuilder; like J. Phillips; or a bit newer like Tanaka Munetoyo; or even newer like Michael Miller there in California

    There s a place for everyone; but do not put me in the best mood when there are great shapers, boarbuilders and crew that really make boards; great boards and businessmen take the credit.

    1. I am not sure what you’re whining about but it’s obvious you have no real knowledge or understanding about the entire cnc process, my system is not like all the other over the counter type of cad/cam/cnc process. You may not be blind although your eyes are closed very tight.

      I invite you to come to my shop and I will enlighten you, in fact I send you a challenge, bring me one of your standard boards that you shape in your repetoire and will shape it more accurate than you can shape by hand. I have custom made inspection jig to compare our shapes to the original. Haters will do what they do, you need to educate yourself before coming to my blog and making these false claims.

      Talk is cheap. Bring your board down.

      I understand where your insecurities, fear, and hate come from. Try and understand that it’s a big world and the way I do things are different from you, don’t be afraid or hate just because someone does things differently. I’ve been down your road and have done things your way, my system is just an extension of where you’re at. I’ve been there done that.

      As a hand shaper I never approached MY shaping as an art. I approached shaping as making a highly specialized “tool” that needs to function in the certain way as the design was meant to perform. This type of design done with basic engineering principles. I do not consider my shapes as art pieces; they are specific tools design to perform in a specific way.

      I have a wide range of loyal riders and customers from all around the world, many that are of high level that require specific performance expectations, in a very refined manner. To use any type of engineering principles the process needs a “baseline”. An accurate baseline and data is needed, the repeatability, analyze, modify, at increments not achievable by hand shaping.

  4. ...I am not a hater; and you be so proud of your machine= businessman not craftsman. Nothing more like that.
    I live too far away right now to go to your shop.
    Regarding your engineering point of view: waves are not what we call perfect; fins on the fish are not perfect; the nature is not perfect; is a human perception thingy...
    Then, if you use blanks or make your own from styrofoam etc, you start with a not so perfect material.; the stringer/s are not dead straight never ever, to what you can call thousands of mm.
    Then you have the glass work...no matter the technique.

    As mentioned before, the design could change with new materials not until then. Then you have the basics of design that will remain untouched.

    I can put my board at 12 o clock in a 6ft (or more) (in that powerful zone)wave without any problems, very fluid after the bottom turn the the problem is always the impact that you have there and when you turn you have air under you; all that is around 1 or 2 seconds in time. A pro can do that perfectly well almost always. Also they can do that in whatever type of shapes. I m trying to say that all that can be achieved by a a normal board with normal materials.

    If you think that your doing something special for add a gauge in a tail or to put a stripe of carbon/glass; or carbon/aramid etc in a board I think that a pro can do the same tricks without them; for example.

    The artsy part is important for me but I do not believe in disregard plenty of refining in the shapes, or for a HP board to have a light glass schedule etc like these other trendy guys are doing with these bulky heavy glassed boards.

    -We as surfers do not need what you think we need; we do not need more surfers in the water; nor so called "special" equipment; if you are a good surfer do not; if you are a rookie do not. If you are in a niche (like this guy Hatzikian) do not too.

    We do not need half of the stuff that you find in a supermarket etc that the factories sell as super good.

    Water is not complicated; the basics are well proven and there are no any new materials right now except the fibers that I mentioned.

    I am not here to bash you again, I am here to say that there is a big gap between businessmen and craftsmen and roots. I the same like compare a guy who is a motorcyclist and other guy who owns a cross motorcycle...enormous gap. One is a rider and may be do not have a car the other have a toy and normally never ever took the road in a bike.

    Anyway; 2 positions. Do you think that you are building the future and I try to build and sell a complete package for the rider.

    Also I am not a hippy lost in the past. However, from the commercial point of view, that is working plenty (if you are from California). See all those bulked railed boards out there going sky rocketed in price to sell to Japan.

  5. Blah blah blah. Like I said, talk is cheap. Bring your board down or shut up and go back into your cave.

  6. Dude you need to back off of Wayne...not sure where you are but it's not in So. Cal. Wayne has one of the highest reputations from surfers and fellow shapers. If you are not from these parts that's one thing, but if you are then you are either... clueless, not a shaper, not a surfer, and would seem to be either... a hater, shitty shaper, a douche or all the above... Sorry you have to deal with this guy Wayne :(

    1. anonymous thanks! no worries bro. Ive always been an outsider and have done things my own way, I love dealing with the haters heads up. all I hear are crickets... so I think he's gone back into his cave where he belongs. HBSS!