Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Speed Pynzer Twinzer +1 for Steve M in MA.

3/14/16 Update from John
Hi Wayne,
We had some 8' @ 9 second fast interval swell in the Northeast today. Lots of current and very high tide. I knew I needed a strong paddler at this cove / reef break and the pynzer twinzer didn't let me down. Board felt great from the jump. Sets were capping off the outer boil and reforming into some wedgy 6' lefts. Two stroke take offs rolling in way early and stepping back on the tail to feel that all too familiar twinzer squirt. What I wasn't expecting was how well the pynzer stuck like glue in the more hollow sections. My gut tells me that pin tail and channel bottom made it happen. Got about ten waves in the 150 yard range and was impressed how much drive and speed the board provided. Board rolled over easy and went on rail with little effort. Current kept me moving almost the entire session and the board penetrated & ducked well  for a 7' speed shape.No need for shuffling around much as foot placement felt intuitive off the drop. Looking forward to surfing this at our points next go around. I feel this design has some serious range and looking forward to testing its limits. Thanks for a great build and great custom experience from start to finish. Beyond satisfied..


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