Tuesday, October 13, 2015

PacMan Maxximms for Bart C

1/4/16 Update from Bart;

 The Maxsimms you shaped is working well. Took a day or two to get used to the flat rocker. Any wave with a bit of juice the board takes off moving. Conditions the last month have not been the best but had some good sessions the first month I had board. You will be pleased (maybe surprised) to know board knee boards fairly well at least for some tube time. Not sure about open face riding. Have not gotten down to Trestles or other point wave yet but can't wait to ride some lined up surf on it. At 6'4 it paddles fairly well, catches waves well, and turns/maneuvers great. Had a day at HB Cliffs were most guys were not making sections but i was. Nothing to do with my ability I was just carrying more speed then the other guys on traditional short boards. Happy New Year and thank you. Bart

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