Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Snap Thumbtail 5-Fin Convertible for James K


  1. Wayne,

    I've gotten more time on the snap, and I am beyond happy with how it is working for me. Your ability to build a board for me with out ever having worked with me before is uncanny!

    Just like I asked for, this board has bolstered my confidence and has allowed me to progress significantly from the plateau that I was stuck on. Some guy today even said 'Nice ride' as I finished one of my better waves. That was a first for me, talk about a confidence booster.

    One feature that I didn't expect is that it paddles like a dream! It feels like it paddles easier than much bigger boards! This board fits me like a glove.

    Thank you so much for the fantastic board.

    James K

    1. james, thank you so much for taking the time for an update, enjoy the new board in good health. Wayne