Friday, May 8, 2015

Paipo time for Katie O

6/18/15 Update from Katie O.
Hi Wayne,
Finally, I was able to surf the paipo Monday and Tuesday of this week. I rode it at Sapphire and Topaz, in waist high mid tide waves.
The board is amazing. I needed only two or three rides to learn the body placement and adjustments. It sets on rail so quickly with a shift of the hip and upper thigh. Super responsive, the board turns so easily and the speed it has is such a rush. I'm able to feel the flex response from the dual stringers while I'm pivoting up and down the face of the wave. The board really does turn like a surfboard rather than a bodyboard.
A couple of the locals made some very nice comments about my rides, so I was thrilled to know that it wasn't all in my mind! I've not seen any bellyboarders maneuver on the wave face the way this paipo lets me.
It's an incredible board, and I thank you so very much for the beautiful craftsmanship and unique design. I'm inspired all over again to get in the water more even when conditions are less than desirable.
Many thanks!
Katie O.