Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wakizashi Step Up HPSB for Ross P

11/19/14 Update from Ross

Hey Wayne, yeah got some sick waves over on Kauai.
Board goes really good.  I was tripping out on it because the nose is so narrow...I measured it and it seems to only be around 10.5"
Anyhow, I was wondering how it would paddle and surf with all of the volume aft.  But yeah it paddles well, and surfs insane.
Surfed it at the *** and at *******.  The bay was solid 6-8ft Hawaiian with some sets more than 3x overhead.  Was stoked on how the board went.  Surfed it with solid fiberglass fins and the board held it's line and cranked out some huge carves on those big faces.
At ******* it was mostly 4' with a few 6ft sets.  Paddled in easy  and hooked in under the lip and held it's line on the steep ones.  Got some insane barrels out there. 
Super stoked on the board...hopefully we get some swell around here sometime soon otherwise I'll have to head back to Hawaii.
Thanks Wayne!


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