Monday, June 9, 2014

Acorn II Twinzer Fish for Nick L in NY

8/8/14 Update / Review from Nick
I wanted to take a moment to say thanks, and give you some feedback on the acorn you shaped for me. We've actually had an uncharacteristically consistent run of surf here in NY for a couple months now, so I've had opportunity to take the board out quite a bit.
It's been mostly waist high and clean with one overhead day and a couple shoulder high days. The first wave I rode on the board was actually a couple feet overhead punchy beach break, and though it wasn't meant for that, it held really well and I got a handful of good ones that day. The first day in average waist high stuff I noticed how well it paddled and how easily it got me into waves. At first it felt similar to a lot of modern fish I've ridden, fast, parallel, and a blast to pump from the front foot, but then I shifted my weight back and did a little cutback and I couldn't believe how tightly it wrapped around. On every other fish I've had if I would've attempted a cutback like that the fins would've felt stuck until they came unglued and the tail slid out. Your board wrapped almost as tight as some of the more traditional thrusters I've ridden. The other beautiful aspect of the board is how much projection it has off the bottom. Even on the punchier waves I never felt like I had to nurse button turns and that gives me a lot of options. Because of all this, it's turning out to be a really great board to take out not only in the smaller stuff, but on some punchier days when I've surfed my lower volume board for a while and want some foam to compensate for fatigue.
Thanks again. I really appreciate the fine work you do.

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