Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New 2014 Round Tail Twinzer w/ Rail Channels



  1. Wayne, is that a spray or a tint?

    1. hi mike, that's a spray job just like your pnzer. trick! ;) by the way I am working on po will send it tonight.

  2. Another great spray job. I'm still working out the airbrush details for my new baby, but this post has inspired me.

  3. That is a stunning board there Wayne, what a beauty.
    What's the foil like on the rails?

  4. hi dan the dna of the foil originates from the skate with a new racier outline from my more conventional hpsb templates, tapered boxy rails with a love handles, I don't consider these as rail channels as the rail line is re established to the inside of the lowest point of the rail groove.

    I consider rail channels as having a sharp edge both outside and inside corners of the groove.