Thursday, April 11, 2013

New 2013 Custom Mini Pynzer for Sean


4/26/13 Update from Sean from my FB wall;

"All I can say is just WOW.
You know that feeling when you put a board under your arm and start molesting the rails….knowing that the thing will just work insane….well it does! I totally forced it too, as we had originally planned to have this be a little summertime mush busting cruiser…well it was 3-5 ft peaky windswell skate ramps at my local break. Had another board that was perfect for the conditions but I just had to try this thing and give it a go…who wouldn't?!?!?!

I may be dumb but if it paddles well I can kind of tell how the things going to go for me, and this thing is a stout 5'5 x 20.5 x 2.5 MINI PYNZER. Mind you the rails are tucked perfectly so you can stay on top of the water for slower less powerful stuff but still remain sensitive and hold on rail once you get going.

This is my first twinzer and have never even ran a twin fin. I am a typical standard short board /stubbier hybrids guy that runs thrusters, quads, and twin finner setups, so I didn't really know what to expect.

I should preface that I am a mediocre at best surfer with moments of less kook-dom here and there.

Well it was exactly as Wayne described and it had a ton of initial gas straight out of the gate…had to really figure out how to control all this speed…thing loved those drawn out bottom turns, and projected up the face so well. A lot looser than my other boards so that combined with the extra speed that it generated made it so that you really had to push hard to get it to hold through the turn...and funny thing was that just led to more speed. =) So fun...honestly the waves were so good and the board was working in conditions i didnt think it could handle that I had contemplated bringing it to into.

Seriously...but whats great is I finally have that mush buster board that has made those horrible days pretty fun. When you know you need to take a longboard out just to catch any waves...well here was Wayne's answer and man I cant actually believe that I can throw my ugly pseudo cheater 5s at it and keep trim. Thing is so fun and that looseness really allows you to get back to the power source of the waves even when small.

Weird thing is that this board has a shit ton of rocker for a small wave board...I think about how its able to do all the things that I have been missing in a lot of my other boards in just one package...but my brain hurts after 5 minutes.

Its just so fun and it HONESTLY came out better than any custom board I have ever ordered...and its his first shot at making me a board. Totally his concept and I really didn't give him any direction…no dims or anything. He just saw one of my standard shortboards in my car and felt I gave him an honest and accurate description of the waves I surf and may ability level (or lack thereof ) , my other boards, and what I was looking for in this board. He went with his gut instinct and man, if I could give any advice for people thing about ordering there first board, or first board from Wayne, is to COMPLETELY and WHOLEHEARTEDLY TRUST this mans ability to harness the essence and soul of what you are looking for as a surfer. Don't pigeon hole him with what you think you need, concave this, channel that, dims, rocker, volume….he freaking takes everything into consideration and in some crazy Okamoto algorithm he'll pump out a magic board.

It usually takes a shaper a few goes to dial me in and how I like my boards but wayne nailed it first go so there is no 3 board investment to finally get a good one. So take advantage of his insano civic couch special and get a board quick style before summers come and gone.

Really blown away…haven't given him much feedback since I picked up the board, but really was trying to put my excitement and gratitude into words, plus give it more time to try it in a bunch of conditions…but hey its Wayne's birthday. Gotta appreciate the man on his day. Much love and gratitude Wayne-san.

I would definitely like to update this as I get more time and waves.

Happy Birthday!!!



  1. that looks like so much fun and it came out beautifully! Does this have a touch more tail rocker than the average twinzer Wayne? or is it just an illusion?

    1. fun through drive and speed in a compact package was the impetuous of this design. easy transition for mainly high performance shortboard riders that are looking for a "fun" shape that is multi dimensional than say a standard "mini", or "fish" type shape for small to medium size surf.

      rocker wise it's a neutral transition from the stringer, there is a slight dipping of the rail line at the fins.

      the channels add release and thrust and also the "inverted" small channel with in the side set channels add some "on center" stability.

  2. looks nice! what are the dims on this one wayne?

  3. hey sean, how much do you weigh? just trying to get an idea on sizing. thx