Monday, March 11, 2013

Custom Dyna-Pynzer for Kawika



  1. wow nice what are the # and what is the fin placement

  2. Nate thanks the dims are 7'8" x 22" x 2.9" twinzer set up. Shaping your Dyna
    Twinzer should be finished tomorrow.

  3. Wow Amazing ! This is almost identical to the board I was thinking of talking to you about Wayne. a 7'8" Dyna Egg with a twinzer set up, maybe a hair wider though. This isn't the first time i have looked at one of Kawika's boards and thought "Yeah just like that!"
    Jim N

  4. Jim, I have eyed a few of your Dyna Glydes too. This whole new shape was Wayne's vision. He already had it set in his head and when I mentioned a mid-length, he replied "I have had something in mind for a while that I want to try" and the rest is history.

  5. kawika, at times it can be a hard sell when ever I have an opportunity to express a new design or tweak for someone. thanks for letting me express my ideas.

    to me it really doesn't matter how cool or bitchin the board looks, ultimately the board has to perform for the individual.

    my boards aren't fueled by kool-aid.