Saturday, January 12, 2013

Custom wood inlay for Jacob

Custom wood inlay by Jacob, the detail of this inlay is incredible. The feathers are the actual outlines of the Double Winged Skate that this inlay will be mounted into. The feathers are laid out to resemble the face of the wave.

The Oak leaf is also the Double Winged Skate outline over layed to resemble the Oak leaf. Gold OF lettering.

If you look closely you can tell who this surfer resembles. Incredible detail.


  1. What a beautiful complement to your work.
    Where does this get placed?

    1. dan, I was planning on inlaying this piece on the bottom above the rail fins. After doing the small deck inlay, I realized I didn't have enough time and tools to do a job I would be happy with. Getting the wood to lay flat was tricky, I vacuum bag set up is what I needed.

    2. Can you machine an alloy version for a belt buckle?
      Best wave of the day for Oakstock 2013 wins it.