Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Custom New Skate 6 for Kevin



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  2. Any benefit to the rail stringers, or it this aspect mostly cosmetic? Great looking board Wayne.

  3. jeff, the center sections have added rail stiffness, the ends with out any stringers are extremely flexable. added benefit is a stiff center mid section to drive off, as the drive from the center is transitioning to the area with no stringer the added flex will have an added "pop" or release. If I were to do this again I would use a wedged stringer from the nose tip and exit out next to the rail fins.

  4. Wayne.
    The center channel is interesting with the ridge/mini vee right down the middle. No stringer and a pair of FCS x2 plugs right in the center. Beautiful board with performance on every pump. Great job as usual!

    1. Thank you, it had taken some pre planning for the initial layout, the board looks simple but there is quite alot going on there.

      With regards to the center channel, and the spacing of the fin locations and having no center stringer I wanted to add a degree of center rigidness back into the flex, I spaced the channels as close as possible to act as a muted center stringer, the channels will add this rigidness back acting as support beams if you will.