Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Custom "Hull No" Twinzer for Kawika

In response to Kelly about how I determine the wedge location in relation to the channels and fin locations, this is my lay out. Once you know what your shape will be and have determined the rocker and blank and the length of the blank its pretty simple. With the CAD/CAM software I can render then analyze any line or point I create from there I can then order the blank with the correct wedge spread and layout. Simple ain't easy, just takes a little extra time. Good is good enough. :-)


  1. My favorite board... Kawika be prepared to be stoked!!

  2. Wow! The finished board came out really clean. Nice glue up & stringer. I love the shape, especially the twinzer set up. drool.

  3. damn! this thing looks like it would be a total snowboard at a big slopey reefbreak kinda wave. just plant your feet like youre in bindings and do smooth carves.... sick!
    i really like how the wedge and the channel edges are parallel - perfect.

    couple questions for u wayne... how long is it? hard to tell but looks like my size :)
    anddd looks like you spaced the canards out from the mains a lot more on this one than my skate. just curious why, is it a function of the overall size and shape of the board?

    1. 6'2" x 21" x 2.9"

      I like to install my twinzer canards with minimal to no or even splayed out then the traditional set ups. from my experience the overlap creates unwanted turbulence and creates inconsistency through turns esp entering and exiting the apex. depending on the size of fins being used and size of shape, and type of waves the board is maninly going to be ridden I will adjust the splay to what I feel would be ideal for the custom shape.

  4. Sooo sublime on many levels.