Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Custom Twin Keel for Justin


  1. whoa!! beauty Wayne!
    ...i want one

  2. claudio, this would be a fun one! hard to beat a twin keel for all out speed on dribble.

    hows the double wiinged skate? probably haven't got it in decent waves, weak surf lately... bummer.

  3. have only ridden the skate...once LOL was super fun! but been flat ever since.
    praying for some waves soon! this is torture

  4. Wayne I finally gave the board a try to today and it was excellent! It amazed me how fast these things are. It took a few waves for me to get used to but it rides amazing..It turns on a dime and I feel I have lots of control, much more then other fishes I have tried..flies right through some of the mushy sections too! Thanks again for your quick and professional service and an awesome new piece to my quiver.

  5. Justin thanks for the feed back. I'm stoked you are enjoying the New Twin Keel!

    This contemporary New Twin Keel version has the classic appearance of the old classic retro version with some progessive design elements, one of the main areas are the concaves between the fins and through the tail, traditionally these shapes have a pronounced vee, but this vee causes some of the quirky performance characteristics that has a tendency to be unpredictable at times especially when critical rotation at the top 1/3rd portion of the waves.

    The concaves through these areas help stabilize and increase speed through the steeper areas of rotation. Translates to a more quicker, faster and predictable feedback.