Saturday, July 23, 2011

Custom Stubby Winged Pig for James


  1. I like it is the bottom similar to mine and what are the #'s

  2. Whoaw, this really looks like a Bryd-Fish. What the difference between the two? Looks great.

  3. Nate, this one is 6'1" x 20.88" x 2.5 foam thickness. This shape has it's roots to the OG Bryd-Pod,

    Alex, the Bryd-fish, Bryd-Pods are completely different, not so apparent by the pics but in person it is clearly noticeable. Bryd-Fish templates are much fuller and the nose templates have the classic squared off nose to the tip.

    This Bryd-Pod has a wide point back and a pulled in hybrid nose. Also has an increased nose rocker in comparo to the Bryd-Fish.

    The term "Bryd" just means that the shapes origins are from a "hybrid". Bryd is just a sland term for hybrid. lol.

  4. Wayne - thanks for explanation of where the term Bryd came from, I always wondered that. Now that you explained it -it is obvious haha