Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jim's custom 4+1 Dyna-Glyde glassed

Update 9/22/10
Hi Wayne,
I thought you might like to see some pictures of the Dyna Glyde in action (Hurricane Igor). If you can't tell I love this board !!
Fast, loose and paddles great - makes surfing more fun for old guys LOL
Jim N

UPDATE From Jim 8/30/10 Jim, thanks for the update! Send me some pics!

Hey Wayne - Just lettting you know this DG is great. I've had 4-5 sessions with it now. Love it! Paddles and catches waves like a LB - great speed, blows through sections and holds in on steep drops - turns like a much shorter board. Really glad I took a leap of faith and had you build it for me. We've got a bunch of swells setting up here on the East Coast so I will get to knnow it better over the next 2 weeks.Can't thank you enough - time to sell the old boards LOL

Jim N


  1. Yeah That looks great!! Channels look awesome, it is finishing up at a good time
    thanks Wayne.

  2. WOW!!!! .. these super DG's are turning out FANTASTIC Wayne, really really cool.... Love to get a ride report on one of these.

    and I'm hoping to (FINALLY!) get the DG-EGG (D'egg?) wet Friday

  3. Feel it! Smell it! Believe it!

    I saw it in the flesh yesterday and it's incredible. The channels and final shape/rocker on the tail are off the hook.

  4. Jim keep us updated when you get some time on the new stick. I made some subtle changes while shaping the board.

    Scott give us an update also on your new D-Egg!