Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Custom Modern Longboard 9'4" for Chad

Chad brought in a board that I originally shaped him back in 1996. Since then he has owned many different iterations of boards and as time went on the original shape had eventually become worn and beat down and the board lost it's rotation over time.

We lost contact of each other while I was busy with production work until recently he resurrected the board out of storage and took it out for a spin and he realized why he couldn't get himself to sell the board.

I was able to find his original file from 1996 when I scanned his board over 14 years ago and faithfully reproduced his custom shape. Since 1996 til 2010 there has been only a single custom shaped from Chad's original file, it's this board 14 years later. The original master shape was 100% hand-shaped that was scanned and used to reproduce this new board. Albeit 14 years later. Lol.


  1. Wayne
    that is one cool board!! What is the weight and is it PU or epoxy

  2. Hey Nate,
    This board is poly and was glassed 6+4 top w/ 6 bottom, good weight for decent trim and still have good release for modern progression style. Chad is a big boy so the dims are 9'4" x 23" x 3.2 glassed, no prob getting it on rail for him.

    How the elbow doing? Are you back out in the water?


  3. Wayne,
    Paddled out at Marine street this morning. Building NW with some southern refraction fading out, winds onshore with medium chop. I am very pleased with this board, feels just like the old one. This board, like the old one paddles amazing!!! Got it on a few corners and loved how it felt!!! Powers out of a bottom turn like nobody's business and has great drive when you need it. An excellent board for top to bottom progressive longboarding!!! Can't wait to get it in some clean conditions! Thanks Wayne, good work bro.


    p.s. Looking forward to that 7'4"

  4. Chad,
    Thanks for taking the time to review your new stick. I watched the surf at Marine in the morning, looked like some good corners coming in. I'm stoked to be shaping your boards again. It's been too long!


  5. Chad,
    14 years is a long time on a board bro (just kidding). Glad to see you have your Magic Stick back. Sorry about leading you down the Epoxy Highway. There is always something new to learn in the surfboard arena. We will surf soon.

  6. Paul, Alot of guys jumped on the epoxy bandwagon the last few years. I was well aware of the epoxy "syndrome" as I worked with the stuff in the 80's and early 90's.

    I think for the new generation of surfers that were not around for the first two generations of epoxys were bedazzled by the epoxy stuff as it was re introduced to the new gen as something new. The materials have improved but still the stuff still has some quality and consistency issues.

    On another note, although epoxy is a viable alternative, shapewise some designs don't translate well from poly to epoxy. It's not going to replace poly anytime soon.

    I have noticed alot of the people that bought epoxies after the Clark foam closure are now going back to poly. For some, the sentiments are that they forgot how well poly rode and have rekindled the connection back to poly.