Thursday, August 13, 2009

BB-Pod for Jeff


  1. Looks great. Thanks for all the terrific boards.

    7'6 GTII
    6'8 GTII reverse teardrop
    6'10 flat perf twin + 1
    6'3 bryd fish eps
    6'5 Galaxy twin + 1 poly
    8'4 eps long bryd
    8'0 poly long bryd
    6'8 wn/wt poly thruster
    7'0 eps step up
    9'3 dynaglide lb poly
    6'3 perf quad fish poly

    and now 6'8 bryd pod

    hard to believe it's been 12 boards!

  2. J,
    So many boards so little time!

    Time fly's! Did you get this puppy out on this south swell?

  3. This board has the magic formula. Gets into waves early and gives a great burst of speed from the first pump. Thin enough to throw it around. THIS IS THE ONE!!!

  4. J,
    What fin configurations are you riding?
    What size fins?

  5. 512 + trailer works super well. the stretch quad set works well too, maybe a tad not more drive but not as loose.

    I've been paddle training on a bark paddleboard and swimming at the pool 4+ days per week. Fitness level is increasing. I think that might have been part of my issue over the summer. Just not fit enough. Trying to get back to strong good fitness level and back to 200 pounds. The other day we paddled 8 miles to the R10 bouy off PV.

    This board is super fun. I think it tail surfs, pump/drives alot like a shortboard but catches waves so much earlier. Helps me drop in and set up the wave alot better than narrower nosed stuff. Really works for me.

    I wouldn't say I need a board any longer that this. Seems like if there is ample nose width I feel like the board doesn't need tons of length. These stubby type of boards are terrific.

    "Bryd-fish for Life"