Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Custom Acorn II for Loren


Update from Loren 5/19/13

I asked Wayne to bridge the gap between my 6'2" Fishcuit and 6'10" Flyer. One day on this Acorn and I'm wondering if I'll ever have a reason to ride the Fishcuit again! I guess each board has its place, but I can see the Acorn being so much more versatile that I'll probably only ever ride the Fishcuit again so that the Acorn has that new board "pop" the next time I take it out. The Acorn tail felt far more responsive on the takeoff and I could put a lot more into a turn without washing out. Looking forward to more time on it in Nicaragua!

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  1. loren, thanks for the update, have a great trip! w.