Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Bryd-Pod / Thruster

Mini-Dyna Glyde / 3-Stringer

Mini-Dyna Glyde / 3-Stringer / Diamond Tail

Dyna Glyde 4 +1 Fin Box Fin Set-Up

5- Box Fin Set-Up / Unlimited Configurations / Thruster, Quad, Twin Keel or Single Fin

6-Channel Bottom

6- Channel Bottom / Double Winged Bump/ Fish Tail

Oak Foils Galaxy Twin (trailer)

Oak Foils Galaxy Twin (trailer) / Single Bump Swallow Tail

Dyna-Glide Fun Shape

Dyna-Glide Fun Shape / Diamond Tail

Manhattan Beach local Chris Wells rips the lip on one of Wayne's shapes.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Oak Foils +NN-Dyna-Quad

6'4" X 22" X 3.2" Mini Dyna-Glide Quad custom shape/ EPS blank / Epoxy Glassing / Gore Tex Vent / Future fins and boxes / 6 - channel bottom

Oak Foils High Performance Longboard

Oak Foils High Performance Longboard / 9 x 21 1/2(?) x 2 3/4 / Thruster with center fin box/ Green color on bottom, green and yellow on top.

Traditional Classic Square Tail Longboard Single Fin

Retro Fish

The "Kiddler"

5-Fin Spud Bonzer / Resin Tint

Acorn Quad