Wednesday, February 14, 2018

"Back to Basic Special No Frills!!"

  Since last year I have upped the quality of my base builds which includes complete "S" cloth and full Carbon Package which includes deck tail hits and center carbon strip as my "base construction" a few customers have requested a basic "no frills" build as some felt all the premium extras were not necessary. To those that I have mentioned I will be running a basic no frills budget build in the future. Well, now is the time to order up your custom. Great time to try a new design you have been on the fence or on a tight post holiday budget, or a new customer thinking of trying one of my designs at a great price point. Well now is the time to order up! I will still be offering the upper end "standard all S cloth and carbon" builds also at special pricing!"BBS" Special pricing on ALL custom orders! (Not pre made in old stocked inventory.) Made from scratch fresh from the oven custom formulated, designed, and shaped!

As long as you see this BBS special up on FB, IG, and blogsite the special is on. Once it's gone and no longer up the special is done.

*Back to Basic Special No Frills $459 Base Pricing!* $100 - $200 OFF Shortboards and Modern Longboards Boards starting at $459 for HP shortboard shapes 5'8" x 18.5" x 2 1/8" and under. (Non Special Standard base price starts at $650 for Tri-fin HPSB 5'8" x 18.5" x 2.25 and smaller. This special will save you nearly $200!)

$200 - $300 OFF Classic Traditional Longboards, depending on the extras and type of materials.

(For those that have participated in the past "Specials" it's the same drill)
If you would like to get in on this "BBS" Special, to get your order in queue send a $300 deposit (100% refundable) to my Paypal email account and also send me an email notifying me your PP deposit and confirm your order is in queue. Once deposit is received customs must be ordered in 30 days so be ready to place your order. After 30 days have past and no order form filled I will refund your deposit.

EMAIL: Type in YOUR NAME and ("BBS" Special) "BBS" in your subject line. I will respond with a questionnaire to fill out. Please don't bother going into too much details in your initial email. Once I have received your deposit, I will contact you with a purchase confirmation and receipt of your deposit and will begin the custom ordering process. First in orders are 3-4 weeks from shaped to glass delivered, for clear fine-sand finish. SNAP! The early bird get’s the worm!

Futures Premium fins are offered if needed and are ordered at time of order. If you would like fins please let me know so I can order the correct size. FCS installs are offered (but no fins offered) Base price for longboards the fins are not included (can special order at time of order) /Custom artwork and artists interpretations are not guaranteed (For fishes, minis, big guy, eggs, longboards, etc, will slightly more due to added blank costs and materials and labor.)

"Back to Basic Special" base pricing is for Pu-Poly Construction (Epoxy, Eps, etc are available at extra costs and longer lead times.) 

If you would like to come to the shop for a face to face please make an appointment and bring your boards down to the shop and let's custom formulate your next shape. 

For international shipments or to the Islands, I have a Delta TSA cleared known shipper account and can ship anywhere by reasonable airfreight. Or, can ship by many other conventional and unconventional methods depending on location and cost for the best pricing. Save by shipping multiple orders in a single box. :)

Saturday, July 1, 2017

*FOR SALE* Grom Shapes!

Grom shapes for sale! These grom shapes are from Lowers Luke personal quiver he has outgrown. Some are new all the used ones are in very good condition. Grom sized shapes are difficult to shape and hone due to the micro size the tolerances are extremely critical to nail. Hit me up if your grom is ready to move up to the next level.

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Foil 5-Fin Convertible for Jeff S.

Update from Jeff 2/26/17 

New board is really good. Has the paddle power and early entry while still keeping much of the performance of the 6'6. The speed is incredible as well! Really excited to ride this. Thanks!

Pic on the new Foil, mach 5. This board is truly the fastest sled I’ve ever ridden. Love it. JJeff

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Jet Fish Twin Keel w/ Custom Hatchet Fins for Mark C.

Update from Mark 2/22/17

Ok, 3 sessions in on the Jet Tail Twin Keel. Waves ranged from waist high to head high over the 3 sessions and wind and shape varied throughout. Board went insane after I figured where to stand on it. Actually it turned well from the middle, but once I found foot placement by the tail, it went to another level! Maintained speed throughout moves and bounces off and over the whitewater and was easy to arc around on a cutback. When the waves were steeper, it went up straight pretty easily. The speed was ridiculous! I felt like I was cheating, making it around sections others weren't. Very stoked! If you have never ridden one of these, you are missing out on pure fun and a board that made me feel young again. Mahalo nui loa Wayne!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

OG Dyna Glyde /6channels /Whale Tail 4 +1 for Jeffery S

Update 1/15/17
 Yo wayne,  just wanted to let u know I tried out the board today. Lymans was 3-4 ft super glassy. The dyna was magic! I totally get the extra volume you recommended! It really does glide. Hands down the fastest longboard down the line. It required zero pumping or butt wiggling. It seem to create its own speed! the fins are a perfect blend of hold and looseness. Mahalos!