Friday, August 29, 2014

End of Summer "EOS" Special is ON again!

 "End of Summer Special!!"

 What a way to wind down a memorable summer! Now that it's finally ticking down and fall and winter is around the corner we can finally anticipate and look forward to some decent fall/winter swell action. With a record sized El Nino predicted it's a great time to PLAN AHEAD. Now is the time to work on your El Nino Step Ups, Step Downs, Semi's, Gun and Rhino's. With summer winding down with a record breaking swell action, this winter will most likely be as good or better, let's hope so. Be prepared and have your equipment dialed. Don't be left on the sidelines as a spectator.

Special pricing on custom orders! (Not pre made in stock old inventory. Boo!) Fresh from the oven custom formulated, designed, and shaped.

$100 - $150 OFF Shortboards and Modern Longboards Boards starting at $399 for HP shortboard shapes 5'8" x 18.5" x 2 1/8" and under. (Standard base price starts at $550 for Tri-fin HPSB 5'8" x 18.5" x 2.25 and smaller.)

$200 - $300 OFF Classic Traditional Longboards, depending on the extras and type of materials.

Once the first 20 orders are filled I will delete this special.

If you would like to get in on this "EOS" Special, to get your order in queue send a $250 deposit to my Paypal email account Type in YOUR NAME and ("EOS" Special) "EOS" in your subject line. I will respond with a questionnaire to fill out. Please don't bother going into too much details in your initial email. Once I have received your deposit, I will contact you with a purchase confirmation and receipt of your deposit and will begin the custom ordering process. First in orders are 1-3 weeks from shaped to glass delivered, for clear fine-sand finish. SNAP! The early bird get’s the worm!

$399 Base price includes boards smaller than 5’8” x 18.5” x 2.125”. Futures, FCS, tri-fin /Futures Premium are offered at 20% off list price. Base price for longboards the fins are not supplied /Custom artwork and artists interpretations are not guaranteed (For fishes, minis, big guy, eggs, longboards, etc, will slightly more due to added blank costs and materials and labor.)
"Spring Fling Special" base pricing is for Pu-Poly Construction (Epoxy, Eps, etc are available at extra costs and longer lead times.) Also offered, 20% off all Premium Futures fins.

If you would like to come to the shop for a face to face please make an appointment and bring your boards down to the shop and let's custom formulate your next shape. 

Base build details;

Poly Blanks;

All 1st Quality USblanks with 1/8” basswood, team ply, or performance ply, 3/16"-1/4" for boards 9'+ longboards. (any density or custom stringers / colored foam  can be ordered at extra cost.) 100% Made in USA. The best quality and serviced blanks available. Made right here local in the So Bay USA in nearby Gardena, Ca. The most consistent blanks offered.

Quality glassing along with top quality materials by some of the most specialized craftsmen in the industry. Silmar 249A resin / BGF Aeralite fiberglass cloth for stock spec. Most any type of resin tint, Volan, "S" closth, material inlays, etc, offered at extra costs.

For international shipments or to the Islands, I have a Delta TSA cleared known shipper account and can ship anywhere by reasonable airfreight. Or, can ship by many other conventional and unconventional methods depending on location and cost for the best pricing. Save by shipping multiple orders in a single box. :)