Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pre-glass preview of Wanders Mush Buster


  1. So I thought you didn't like to make the same board twice... Just kidding mate. I'm sure that board is a lot different than the first Mush Buster.

  2. Hi Alex,
    That's a good point you brough up. This Mush Buster is a few inches longer and wider and thicker than Chris Wells version which was the master that I had digitized. I scaled and reprgrammed Chris's M-B then hand massaged then re digitized Wanders version for the next generation of Mush Buster. In this way the shapes "evolve" as subtle changes and design perameters changes.

    It's very rare for me to shape the exact same shape more than twice. That is, unless I am shaping for high production labels other than my own Oak Foils.

    In relation to all the other labels I have or still shape for, my own personal brand Oak Foils are custom single orders.


  3. That's what I like to hear!
    By the way, while I was reading your comment, my wife read your comment over my shoulder and she went like: "You guys massage your boards?" I had a hard time getting her to understand what you meant. I'm still not sure she believed me... Lol!

    Cheers W.

  4. Didn't you hear?
    If your board is starting to tire, Wayne offers a full board massage service!

  5. Man! That's what I'm talking about!

  6. Nothing beats a happy ending with an Oak!

  7. Satisfaction guaranteed!!! All I do is look at mine waiting for the day. Soon I hope!