Monday, June 13, 2011

Custom Race SUP for Craig Richmond

This Race SUP is a special project for Craig Richmond. With out getting into too much details at this time, the size and length has limitations for most shapers and milling houses. It was a cool project and nice to work with a great craftsman.

This shape ended up being a bust, Craig supplied the eps blanks and they were too thin so I couldn't get the correct rocker. I didn't realize that Craig bends the rocker and sets the rocker while the board is being laminated. I wish I had known this before he gave me the undersized eps blanks. The only problem is I digitized the finished study model in true 3d after he had already added the bent rocker. I didn't realize this till I after I milled the deck.. After trying to explain that I needed a blank thicker than the finished shape, Craig gave me the go ahead and he can still bend the rockers in, but now the shape is under sized and not the correct bottom contours due to having to adjust the fixtures to get the shape into the already under sized eps foam blank. For some reason Craig was having difficulty understanding the concept that it is impossible to mill a shape thicker than the material supplied.

Funny, as the older I get and the more different shapers I have worked with I have realized that most are working in a cave and can't grasp the introduction to modern tech. Most just can't get their heads around it. Basic rule to milling or machining, The blank has to be larger than the finished shape. Using an undersized blank and trying to bend the rocker is not an ideal way of milling and shaping boards.


  1. I was wondering if we were gonna here more about this project. Looks incredible. I can only imagine the size of the blank. Amazing.

  2. Looks like a collaboration of two great artists and craftsman. You should both be proud. Craig made me one board and gave me a steep discount when he had just opened his own shop on PCH in Hermosa. I just started competing at the time. Sadly, I never panned out (even though the board he made me worked!) and Craig closed his shop I before ordered another. Thankfully, he has gone on to create new and special ocean riding vehicles and my next board was from you Wayne...And they all lived happily ever after.

    1. I'm sad to say Craig flaked out on me. He didn't want to make things right even after we agreed on making the shape correctly. Something to be said about trust and, to do things correct and a lesson to not do things incorrect for the fact of doing things on the cheap.